• Councillor Mark Grimes

Vision Zero: City of Toronto Road Safety Plan

The City of Toronto will be introducing 45 new measures in 2017 as part of its Vision Zero Road Safety Plan targeted at eliminating fatalities and reducing serious injuries on our roads.

Among the initiatives that the City is introducing immediately include:

·  creation of Seniors Safety Zones to be implemented at 12 high-priority locations, with increased pedestrian walk-times, enhanced signage and enhanced pavement markings

·  implementation of red light cameras at 76 new locations

·  accessible pedestrian signal installations at 20 additional locations

·   geometric safety engineering improvements at 13 locations

·   road safety audits at 14 high-risk collision locations

·   expansion of the school Watch Your Speed Program at 20 additional locations

·    speed reductions along 32 additional corridors

·   expansion of the mobile Watch Your Speed Program – including 12 additional pole-mounted speed display units in the city's central core, and

·   implementation of increased pedestrian walk times at 50 additional signalized intersections.

The City has also created a website that provides information about the City's Vision Zero Road Safety Plan.  It includes a mapping tool showing safety measures in place and future planned work as well as safety tips for all road users aimed at making our streets safer. 

In 2016, there were 77 fatalities in Toronto, including 43 pedestrian deaths – up from 38 pedestrian fatalities in 2015.

The City's Road Safety Plan, approved by Toronto City Council in 2016, contains a series of measures and strategies aimed at reducing deaths and serious injuries on Toronto streets as well as improving safety for all road users.