• Councillor Mark Grimes

TTC 5-Year Service Plan Online Consultation

The TTC has begun the third and final round of public consultation to inform development of the TTC’s 5-Year Service Plan and 10-Year Outlook. Based on a combination of extensive technical work and public feedback received to date, the TTC has developed a Draft 5-Year Service Plan and 10-Year Outlook.

This Online Consultation is seeking feedback on the key elements of the Draft Plan to inform any final refinements before the Plan goes to the TTC Board for consideration by the end of this year. Visit here to take the survey. Please note that the survey closes on October 23, 2019 so be sure to get your input in !

The 5-Year Service Plan and 10-Year Outlook will serve as a blueprint for continuous surface transit service improvements (i.e. bus and streetcar) to be delivered between 2020-2024. The Plan will serve as the basis for annual and 5-year operating budgets and 10-year capital budgets. The Plan recommends a number of service improvements that will help address issues with reliability, crowding, and trip duration. They will also improve customers’ experience on the TTC, keep pace with growth, and support expansion of the TTC’s rapid transit network. The Plan has been developed by accounting for an annual increase in service hours of 1%, which is in line with projected population and employment growth.

The vision for the Plan focuses on enhancing the TTC’s core competency: moving large volumes of customers safely, reliably, and swiftly across Toronto. The Plan will help the TTC support and achieve the vision, as well as the strategies in various City and Provincial policy documents, including the Official Plan. #TTC #Survey #PublicConsultation