• Councillor Mark Grimes

TRCA Maintenance Work at Sheldon Lookout

The Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) is preparing to implement some minor maintenance work in Humber Bay Shores Park near Sheldon Lookout, in order to repair a failed concrete section of the waterfront viewing node. Overtime, high waves and overtopping of the headland have caused displacement of the rip rap that underlies the concrete slabs, resulting in cracks in the concrete and collapse of the platform on the western tip of the node.

Work is scheduled to commence Monday, July 8, 2019 and is anticipated to take two weeks in duration. The work will include removal of the broken concrete, following which a new concrete slab will be poured to reinstate the platform. Voids between the viewing node and existing armourstone shoreline protection will be filled to provide additional protection.

The site will be accessed from the trail entrance at the base of Palace Pier Court. All trucks will proceed with a TRCA escort to ensure public safety. The trail will be fenced off at the western trailhead that leads to the site, as well as where the trail passes beneath the Humber Bay Arch Bridge, in order to divert pedestrians toward the main pathway and away from the work limits.

** The TRCA have noted that they understand the concern with the current level of construction activity in the community, and they appreciate the ongoing patience and understanding of residents in the area. The objective of this short-term maintenance work is to eliminate the current risk to trail users and provide the community with safe access to their local waterfront so that they may enjoy this scenic spot for the remainder of the summer season.

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