• Councillor Mark Grimes

Timing of Light Investigation at Zorra St. & The Queensway

Transportation staff investigated the pedestrian crossing light timing at Zorra St. and The Queensway. The investigation is complete, staff report: 

  • Measured North/South (crossing The Queensway) pedestrian crossing distances and confirmed that the pedestrian signal timings are as indicted are below and are in compliance with the current pedestrian timing practice for signalized intersections. with 7 seconds for the WALK and 24 seconds for the FLASHING DON’T WALK and total pedestrian crossing of time of 31 seconds.

  • Pedestrians MUST activate the push button to display the above noted signal timings. 

  • Checked operation of all pedestrian push buttons.

  • The pedestrian push button on the northwest corner at this intersection was found to be defective.  District notified the appropriate city section accordingly to have this issue repaired as soon as possible.

  • Completed pedestrian crossing observation study with a recommendation to maintain the current north/south pedestrian crossing times as indicated above since our field observations reveal that pedestrians were able to safely cross The Queensway within the current timing provided. #Queensway