• Councillor Mark Grimes

SwimSafe inspections help ensure a healthy swim experience at Toronto's pools

With summer in full swing, Toronto's Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Eileen de Villa, is sharing information on how Toronto Public Health's (TPH) SwimSafe program helps people enjoy a safe and healthy swimming experience. Through the SwimSafe program, TPH regularly monitors water quality conditions at Toronto's public beaches, pools and spa facilities.

TPH inspects all local public pools, spas, splash pads and wading pools to make sure the water quality is safe. TPH staff monitor many factors including water clarity and chemistry, filtration and circulation systems, and lifeguard qualifications. Staff also make sure that lifesaving safety equipment and emergency telephones are available and in good working order and that SwimSafe disclosure notices are displayed properly.

SwimSafe notices include a green pass sign, a yellow conditional pass sign, or a red closed notice based on the facility conditions. All public pools and spas are required to post these colour-coded inspection notices in a visible location so they are easy to find. Inspection results are also available at https://www.toronto.ca/health/swimsafe/.

Residents can also follow these safety tips when swimming or spending time by the pool:

• Do not swim alone.

• If you do not know how to swim, consider enrolling in a swim class.

• Inexperienced swimmers should wear a life jacket.

• Never leave your children unattended in a pool. Keep them within arm's reach at all times.

• Swim at a facility with a lifeguard and follow their instructions.

• Stay within the designated swimming areas.

• Leave the water during an emergency such as lightning or a storm.

• Check the Toronto Public Health SwimSafe website for daily updates on beach water quality: toronto.ca/health/swimsafe.

• When out in the sun, wear a hat and sunscreen, and drink lots of water.

For more information about where to find the nearest pool, splash pad or wading pool, visit https://www.toronto.ca/data/parks/maps/pools/index.html.

You can report an issue at a local public pool, spa, splash pad or wading pool by calling 311 or emailing SwimSafe@toronto.ca. #Parks #Pools #SwimSafe