• Councillor Mark Grimes

Outdoor Pools Opening

Our outdoor community pools are now open for the season !! Before you head out, be sure to check for any service advisories by visiting here.

Outdoor Pools

  • Amos Waites Outdoor Pool.

  • Lambton Kingsway Outdoor Pool

  • Ourland Outdoor Pool

  • Park Lawn Outdoor Pool

  • Rotary Peace Park Outdoor Pool

Wading Pools

  • Birch Park

  • Don Russell Park

  • Marie Curtis Park

  • Mimico Memorial Park

  • Prince of Wales Park

  • Sunnylea Park

Splash Pads

  • Amos Waites Park

  • Bell Manor Park

  • Grand Avenue Park NEW

  • Marie Curtis Park

  • Michael Power Park

  • Fairfield Park

  • Lakeshore Village Park

  • Rotary Peace Park

  • Six Points Park