• Councillor Mark Grimes

Old Mill Terrace and Storm Water - Sewers

There is an Environmental Assessment (EA) still ongoing in this neighbourhood titled ‘Baby Point Forcemain’ that is expected to be completed June 2018.  This study is looking at improving the aging sewer that services the Baby Point Wastewater Pumping Station.

This project is being carried out by Customer & Technical Support [READ] More Information.

Old Mill Terrace will also be studied as part of the City’s Basement Flooding Protection Program (Study Area 51).  A Basement Flooding Environmental Assessment is planned to begin in 2020. The study will look at the capacity of the storm and sanitary sewers and identify infrastructure improvements to reducing future flooding during extreme storms.


Sewer Asset Planning group has recent CCTV info of Old Mill Terrace from 2016/2017. All of the sanitary sewers have already been planned for rehabilitation “lining” in the 2019 Capital Program.  The storm sewers are in better condition, however, some spot repairs are also planned for fractures and a defective connection. We have been advised this will not damage the resurfacing happening this year, 2018. #OldMill #Water