• Councillor Mark Grimes

Official Plan Review: Questions for the City's Chief Planner

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Many in our Lakeshore community have raised concerns that designating Lake Shore Boulevard West, west of Park Lawn under the Official Plan as a Higher-Order Transit Corridor will result in an LRT/dedicated streetcar right-of-way being built along Lake Shore Blvd W.

Concerns have also been raised that designation will result in increased residential density along this corridor, including increased lot splitting in Long Branch.

Today at City Council, I asked our Chief Planner Gregg Lintern several pointed questions about what the Higher-Order Transit Corridor line on Map 4 really means.

Below are excerpts of the questions I asked the Chief Planner and his answers. You can watch the video at the bottom of the page.

1. a) The Waterfront Transit Reset said a dedicated Right-of-Way on Lake Shore west of Park Lawn won't be needed until 2041. Is a dedicated streetcar track being built on Lake Shore in the immediate future west of Park Lawn?

Answer: No.

b) Are there plans to build a dedicated streetcar track on Lake Shore west of Park Lawn in 2041?

Answer: No.

c) Will one ever be built on Lake Shore Boulevard?

Answer: That's speculation far off in the future.

2. At the Committee of Adjustment and TLAB, developers are using the argument that higher order transit is justification for increased density in neighbourhoods. Have developers been lobbying for this change on Map 4? My community thinks that developers have been lobbying for this change, is that correct information?

Answer: I'm not aware of lobbying by any developers about changes on Map 4.

3. Will this change in the plan allow for increased densities along Lake Shore?

Answer: No. The line on Map 4 does not confer any density permission.

4. Will this change allow more lot splitting in Long Branch?

Answer: No. In my view as a professional planner, this map change offers no relationship whatsoever to the exercise of lot splitting. Lot splitting of governed by the policies of the official plan and our neighbourhood policies specifically.

The supplementary report provides the necessary clarification that should assist anyone making the alternate case [against lot splitting] at TLAB.