• Councillor Mark Grimes

Mr. Christie's Site - 2017 Update

First Capital Realty (FCR) is the current owner of the Mr. Christie site. FCR applied for a demolition permit to remove the former bakery structure on the property. While the permit was granted, a formal application for the site has not yet been submitted to City Planning.

Councillor Grimes maintains that the area remain zoned for employment use, ideally including an integrated transit hub – with GO, TTC, pedestrian and cycling connections. 

The potential for a transit hub, in addition to other traffic and transportation improvements in the Humber Bay Shores area, is currently being studied as part of the Park Lawn Lake Shore Master Plan. 

Councillor Grimes does not support any additional residential development on the property. Transit is the number one priority.

The community will be notified as soon as FCR begins the formal application process. Any notice of community consultations or public meetings will be shared with residents through a variety of channels. 

Councillor Grimes also spoke to the media regarding his position on this site on several occasions. You can read the articles here, here and here.