• Councillor Mark Grimes

Motion to Evict ML Ready Mix

Updated: Jul 29

At City Council this week, I moved a motion to evict ML Ready Mix's from 29 Judson Street by June 30, 2022, whether they are ready or not. You can read my motion here, which was seconded by Mayor Tory and supported unanimously by City Council. I know for some people, their first question will be "why give them until June?" – I think this is a reasonable question, but there are some realities and legalities that have to be taken into account.

There is a process that the City has had to follow, and as we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic presented some challenges for the move. The pandemic greatly impacted the City's operations as staff were dispatched to respond and provide assistance to other departments to help guide the City through the public health crisis. Additionally, supply chain issues resulted in ML not being able to quickly obtain the equipment required to get their new operations up and running in the Port Lands. As you may know, global supply chains are still being greatly impacted, but I've been told that their equipment is on its way from overseas.

I've taken issues regarding ML Ready Mix to City Council over a dozen times. This file has been worked on by 3 Mayors, 2 City Managers, 2 deputy City Managers, the Councillor for the Port Lands, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, 6 City departments, and countless City staff. It has been one of my toughest battles, and I know that it has been a long process for the community – but there is an end in sight.

The City has been dealing in good faith, and we've dedicated a considerable amount of time and resources towards facilitating the move. Last summer, I restarted the Interdivisional Working Group to get the move back on track, and we've been meeting bi-weekly to ensure that all parties are moving forward. In light of the realities that we've faced these past two years, I believe that ML has been given ample time to get their plans in order. I know that it's been difficult not having a definitive date that ML will depart the community, but with my motion, we can begin the countdown.

We're in the home stretch. Council Items Relating to ML Ready Mix