• Councillor Mark Grimes

Letter to Metrolinx regarding Park Lawn GO

Last week, Metrolinx released a document in advance of its June 28 Board of Directors meeting. This report, entitled 'GO Regional Express Rail 10-Year Program: New Stations Analysis', contained a short-list of stations to be included in the GO network in the next 10 years. Park Lawn GO was not included in this short list. Councillor Di Ciano and I were extremely disappointed with this outcome.

Humber Bay Shores is growing rapidly, and the community has made its voice heard loud and clear regarding the need for transit infrastructure. Given the current congestion issues, it's absolutely necessary that we create opportunities for transit that effectively serves current and future residents. Councillor Di Ciano and I have moved motions in Council, created a petition with more than 1,500 signatures and communicated the need for more transit in Etobicoke to Metrolinx consistently.

Myself, Councillor Di Ciano, MP Maloney and MPP Milczyn have written letters to the Metrolinx Board of Directors to be considered during the June 28 Board Meeting. We are asking for reconsideration regarding the Park Lawn GO decision. Thank you for your support in writing letters and communicating the need for transit in Etobicoke. I look forward to working with you as we continue to fight for transit in Etobicoke. #ParkLawn #GO #Metrolinx #HumberBayShores #HBS