• Councillor Mark Grimes

Letter from Councillor Grimes RE: Park Lawn and LSBW Traffic

Dear Residents of Humber Bay Shores, Local Commuters and TTC Users traveling through the Park Lawn and Lake Shore Blvd West Area:

I am writing to you to adamantly express that I both understand and share in your frustration. I make that same trip myself a few times a week to get to City Hall. I absolutely agree with every single person who has reached out to me that the situation at Park Lawn and Lake Shore right now is totally unacceptable. There is no justifiable reason it should take upwards of 30 minutes to travel 2 km. 

As I have mentioned in the past, I have met with the construction site managers numerous times, I’ve tried to work with them, but there will be a zero tolerance policy from now on. The City is arranging for a Paid Duty Officer to be at Park Lawn and Lake Shore every morning to ticket these illegally parked trucks, speeding trucks, idling trucks, trucks blocking the intersection etc. The Officer will also help keep traffic flowing, rather than have the construction workers stop traffic and the TTC busses to let the trucks in and out. The cost of the Paid Duty Officer will be paid by the developers, not the City.

At Community Council next week I am also moving a motion to see if we can restrict right turns onto Park Lawn from the eastbound Gardiner Expressway. Half the problem is people jumping off the highway at Park Lawn to get to Lake Shore to avoid the construction. That has to stop. You can view my motion here: http://app.toronto.ca/tmmis/viewAgendaItemHistory.do?item=2015.EY10.37

I am with you on this and I am doing everything in my power to fix this mess.

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