• Councillor Mark Grimes

Lanor Junior Middle School Principal - One of Canada's Outstanding Principals

Alison Gaymes San Vicente, Principal at Lanor Junior Middle School, Ward 6, South Etobicoke, has been recognized as one of Canada’s Outstanding Principals by The Learning Partnership, a charity that promotes public education.  She was one of four principals in TDSB and one of 40 across Canada.

As parents at Lanor, we are extremely thrilled with the leadership that she has demonstrated and the passion that she brings every day. Some key excerpts from a nomination letter are below:

"Lanor Junior Middle School has been in need of a “makeover” for a number of years.  Our neighbourhood has a French Immersion school, a brand new Catholic School, a Health and Wellness School and then ours – the regular, “nothing spectacular about it”, Lanor JMS.

Before Alison even started in September 2014, she realized that Lanor needed “a focus”.  So, she applied and received the designation for Lanor to become a “STEM” school – and began implementing the changes throughout 2014.

During STEM education, students investigate possible solutions to complex, real-world problems by applying the knowledge, skills and behaviours of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Enrolment had been declining at Lanor due to the other “specialty” schools that arrived in our neighbourhood over the last five years.  We have been receiving students from the English stream at one of the local schools in grade 6. In 2013, two grade six children came to Lanor; in 2014, four grade six children came.  This year, 18 children came – an increase of 450%. 

Another great addition to our school – its own vision and motto.  Every day, each student is asked to “Take Charge of their Education” and “Let Lanor Inspire You”.  Each morning announcement, which is student-led, has an inspirational message and at the end of the week there is time to acknowledge the achievements, large and small of the students.

We are amazed at what our principal has achieved in just over one year of leadership.  And we are so excited to see what heights our school, and our children can reach under her leadership in the future.

What did the children say?

“She brought our school into the 21st Century”

"She believes everyone should have equality, gay or straight, boy or girl – she accepts us all.  She believes that we can do anything.”