• Councillor Mark Grimes

Introducing RentSafeTO: Apartment Building Registration and Inspection Program

The new apartment bylaw, approved at the March 28 to 30 Council meeting, now has a name: RentSafeTO: Apartment Building Registration and Inspection Program. The program takes effect on July 1, 2017 and applies to 30% of Toronto's residents living in approximately 3,500 apartment buildings across the city.

The new program is part of an audit and enforcement system that imposes new standards on how building owners operate their building and communicate with their tenants. The existing bylaws that govern how building owners are to maintain their properties still apply. These bylaws include Property Standards, Littering and Dumping and Graffiti.

This new bylaw enables the City to impose standards for building owners and operators to:

  • Ensure tenants are informed of repairs/maintenance that have an impact on their homes

  • Clearly lay out property owner obligations

  • Help inform the public and prospective tenants on information concerning a building's maintenance and upkeep

  • The new requirements apply to rental properties that are three or more stories high and have or 10 or more units.

  • Some of the new requirements include:

  • Annual registration with the City, including a $10.60 per unit fee Fees will be waived for Toronto Community Housing and other social housing providers; however all of the rules still apply

  • Process for tracking and responding to tenant service requests

  • Regular inspections by building management in common areas for cleanliness and pests

  • Developing and making available to Officers, an operational plan for cleaning, waste management and capital planning 

  • New and substantially increased fines for not complying with the bylaw