• Councillor Mark Grimes

Waterfront Trail - Detour Routing and Access Points

Dear Etobicoke-Lakeshore Residents !!

Many of you have been reaching out with questions and concerns about the current plan in place for detour routes and access points to the waterfront trail during construction. I have gotten in touch with the project manager about this, and wanted to share the response I received with you all. Hope this helps to shed some light on the situation !!

"Councillor Grimes,

Public safety and impacts to trail and waterfront access were important considerations in developing the implementation plan for these improvements. Capital Projects, Parks and Transportation Services worked together to develop the detour routing to ensure continued access through the park and to the waterfront through construction.

Project implementation is being completed as a single phase in the interest of public safety and to ensure the project is delivered as quickly as possible. Completing the works sequentially is the most efficient approach to reconstruct the trail. For safety reasons, temporary access cannot be provided across the contractor's site during working hours.

We understand that this area is densely populated and that trail and park use are very important to area residents and people visiting the area. For this reason, we are looking into logistics of providing an additional access point at the west end of the large open lawn area – to provide access to the shared use path and the waterfront that can be used on weekends. This may take a few days to coordinate with both Parks the Contractor.

We appreciate that construction through the summer months is not convenient for trail and park users and that the detour routing provided has limitations. The City is committed to completing improvements in a safe and efficient manner and has provided an alternate route to safely get around the construction activity at either end of the park via the small plaza at Palace Pier Court and/or the detour route through Humber Bay Park East. An accessible detour route is provided along the existing sidewalks and a granite screenings shared use path has been upgraded to ensure waterfront and trail access is maintained.

Regular project updates will be provided via the project webpage." https://www.toronto.ca/city-government/planning-development/construction-new-facilities/humber-bay-shores-park-trail-improvements-2/