• Councillor Mark Grimes

Enhancing the Vision Zero Road Safety Plan

Last week, City Council considered IE27.8: Update on Vision Zero Speed Management Strategy and Related Initiatives. As part of this item, I moved a motion to enhance our Vision Zero Road Safety Plan, and I'm happy to say that City Council supported my motion.

In my motion, I asked the City to look for ways to expand our Watch Your Speed Program, as well as to investigate ways to accelerate the installation of School Safety Zones.

My motion also asked the City to look for ways to speed up the time it takes to conduct traffic studies, so that we take quicker action on enhancing road safety.

My motion also asks the City to expand the roll-out of the in-road flexible speed signage posts across the City this year – Prince Edward Drive South has been a part of the pilot program for these signs, and they have been an effective means of slowing down drivers.

Finally, my motion asks that the Province of Ontario increase the fines and penalties for drivers engaging in aggressive driving and excessive speeding, at a scale that is expected to influence driver behaviour. We're working hard to improve the safety on our roads, but the bottom line is that drivers need to slow down, and drive safely.