• Councillor Mark Grimes

Dog Owners' Association Members Needed - Humber Bay Park West & Marie Curtis Park

Dog Owners/Walkers & Interested Community Members:

The City of Toronto, Parks Forestry and Recreation Division is seeking two interested community members to form Dog Owners' Association to assist with dogs off-leash areas (DOLA) at Humber Bay Park West and Marie Curtis Park!

All City DOLAs are required to have a Dog Owners' Association (DOA). Associations are critical to the effective functioning of a DOLA by being the City's liaisons to the community. 

The role of a DOA member might include:

  • Asking Parks staff questions on behalf of community members

  • Providing information to other users on behalf of Parks staff

  • Helping members and staff improve the DOLA experience through conversations with Parks staff, and

  • Fostering a positive, lively dog owner community.

If you are interested on taking on this role, please submit your name, full mailing address, phone and e-mail to dola@toronto.ca.