• Councillor Mark Grimes

City of Toronto Multilingual Information Provisions Policy

Toronto is proud to be one of the most multicultural and linguistically diverse cities in the world, and the City makes every effort to provide resources in as many languages as possible.

The City's motto, "Diversity Our Strength", reflects the values and traditions of Toronto as a diverse and welcoming city.  Toronto City Council recently adopted the Multilingual Information Provisions Policy which came into effect on August 2, 2017. The Policy affirms the City’s commitment to ensuring that City information is made available to all its residents and that information about the City's programs, services and engagement activities reflect the linguistic diversity of its residents.

Providing information in languages other than English allows our diverse communities to better access City services and programs, helps them to better engage with the City, and allows more residents, groups and organizations to be included in what goes on at the City.

There are a few ways that residents can access City information in languages other than English:

1.    Visit the City's website toronto.ca, and use the Google Translate feature to auto- translate information available on the site into more than 50 languages.

2.    For information not available on the City's website, residents can call 311 for further assistance.

311 offers information in more than 180 languages (PDF list), using interpreters provided through Language Line Services. If you have difficulty speaking English, or know someone who does, call 311 for assistance in whichever language you speak. If you are a TTY user, call us at 416-338-0889.

For more information, visit: toronto.ca/multilingual