• Councillor Mark Grimes

Campbell's Company of Canada Property - Statement Re: Next Steps

Following the devastating announcement that Campbell's would be closing its New Toronto plant, I received many questions and comments from residents regarding the status and future of the property.

At this time, the Campbell's property is zoned 'E – Employment Industrial' under the City of Toronto Zoning By-law and designated as 'Core Employment Area' under Official Plan Amendment 231. 

Core Employment Areas are places for business and economic activities. Uses permitted in Core Employment Areas are all types of manufacturing, processing, warehousing, wholesaling, distribution, storage, transportation facilities, vehicle repair and services, offices, research and development facilities, utilities, waste management systems, industrial trade schools, media, information and technology facilities, and vertical agriculture.

While this designation can be appealed provincially at the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB), my intent is that this land remain zoned for core employment use. 

Please note, the plant will still be in operation for the next 18 months.

The City is also offering support to the 380 employees affected by this closure by providing employment transition assistance (partnering with Toronto Employment and Social Services and their network of partners as appropriate). Campbells has also expressed interest in retaining a Canadian headquarters and development facility in the Greater Toronto Area, and the City willing to assist the company in keeping the facilities and associated jobs within Toronto.

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