• Councillor Mark Grimes

Berry Road Food Co-op July Update

A message from the Berry Road Food Co-op:

Berry Road Food Co-op is moving closer to opening week by week! We have secured our space, and almost $1 million dollars in multi-year support. Our Purchasing and HR Committees have been busy working on the policies and procedures we need to open, and our business plans are all in place.

We are still seeking the last bit of funding to enable us to purchase store shelves and initial stock, as well as to make sure we have the resources to pay our initial staff once we open! Our community partners are working hard to connect us to potential institutional donors, but any community member can help out by spreading the word about our Founders’ Credit program! We are just 750 Founders’ Credit purchases away from being good to go!

Lest anyone have any concerns, our current position is stable, and there are currently no risks or barriers to our opening when we have the resources needed. BRFC will open eventually, no matter what. But your support will help it happen sooner! #BerryRoad #FoodCoop