• Councillor Mark Grimes

Alternative Routes Around the Six Points Interchange Construction

The ramp at St. Albans Road to Kipling Avenue (to/from northbound lanes) is open to motorists as of Tuesday September 4, 2018. Sidewalks remain open to pedestrians along the west side of Kipling Avenue for north/south travel.

For questions or concerns regarding the Six Points Interchange Reconstruction, please contact:

Nathan Jenkins, Field Ambassador etobicokecentre@toronto.ca This link will send you to the Six Points Interchange Construction website and will allow you to view active roadway, alternate route, and travel maps for the area. Click here to access. Scroll down to accordion menu for ‘Alternate Route Suggestions’. Detouring through Micheal Power Place: Heading eastbound towards Michael Power Place it is recommended that you either:

  • ​Turn left onto Bloor Street from the Plaza; then make a left turn onto Aukland Road traveling southbound; then a left turn onto Dundas Street traveling eastbound; or

  • Turn right onto Bloor Street, then turn left onto Kipling Avenue traveling northbound; turn right onto Burnhamthorpe Road traveling eastbound; turn right onto Dundas Street traveling westbound; then turn left onto Michael Power Pl.