• Councillor Mark Grimes

ActiveTO - Victoria Day Long Weekend & FAQs

Updated: May 21, 2021

ActiveTO Closure Planning FAQs

Below are some of the FAQs that I have received from area residents regarding ActiveTO closures on Lake Shore Boulevard West. The answers to these questions were provided by ActiveTO staff. 1. What are the key intersections that will have Traffic Agenda and/or Paid Duty Officers?

"The Key intersections that will have Paid Duty Officers and/or Traffic Agents are the following: Windermere Ave, The Boulevard Club driveway, Net Drive, New Brunswick Way, and Remembrance Drive, with the new request to have an additional Officer at Lake Shore Blvd and Brookers Lane"

2. Can the Park Lawn ramp be closed?

"This is not ideal at this time, as it would limit the access to and from the condo buildings, along Park Lawn road and south of Lake Shore Blvd. W. Data would need to be taken and reviewed to see how this would affect traffic infiltration."

3. Can the closure start at Ellis instead of Windermere?

"Staff have reviewed this and do not recommend it. Ellis Avenue is much narrower road than Windermere Ave and there is a lot of pedestrian traffic on weekends. There is also an on-street cycling sharrows, which is heavily used particularly during ActiveTO, so the friction of additional traffic is not ideal. There is also not a direct route to the north from Ellis."

4. Can they close fewer lanes on Lake Shore Blvd. W?

"This would require the installation of a concrete barrier due to vehicle speeds – this time needed to install and take down this equipment precludes this option."

5. Can the westbound lanes of Lake Shore Blvd W be used instead?

"The current configuration was chosen in order to assist with the crowding on the Martin Goodman Trail, which is located on the south side of Lake Shore."

6. What are the Improved traffic management plans at the Gardiner/Lake Shore Boulevard split and at the Windermere and Lake Shore Blvd. W. intersection to allow for better traffic flow

"Additional jersey barriers will be install at the Gardiner/Lake Shore Blvd split in order to improve safety conditions. Improvement to the traffic management plan at Lake Shore and Windermere so that the taper down to two eastbound left turn lanes occurs further west of the intersection."