• Councillor Mark Grimes

Mobile "Watch Your Speed" Program

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Visit here to request a "Watch Your Speed" Sign on your street! One of the key components of the City of Toronto's Vision Zero Road Safety Plan that was adopted by City Council in 2017, is the mobile "Watch Your Speed" Program. Under this program, the City will install temporary "Watch Your Speed" signs at locations requested by area residents, and will remain in place for approximately 3-4 weeks. Visit the link above to request a sign on your street. Once a location has been requested, City Staff will visit the site to determine if the temporary installation is possible. There are several factors that are taken into consideration when a request is made. If installation at the requested location is not suitable, then staff will attempt to find an alternative location nearby. 1. The device can be operated on a roadway with maximum two lanes per direction and primarily on residential roadways. 2. The device can only be placed on public property. 3. There must be not obstruction blocking the radar signal or visibility to the display, such as tree foliage or parked cars. 4. There must be a permanent fixture, such as a pole, suitable for securing the trailer to. 5. The location cannot be close to a traffic signal, stop sign facing oncoming traffic, or short road section. 6. The location cannot be close to a curve in the road. 7. Placement of the device must comply with the City's Accessibility and Design Guidelines and Vibrant Streets Guidelines. 8. Site conditions must be safe for all road users and City staff. 9. Locations must not have traffic calming measures implemented. 10. Locations must not be in the vicinity of a hydro-electric corridor.

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