Over the past 13 years I have fought tirelessly to improve our parks, community centres and public spaces. Together we have made much progress and I appreciate every resident who attends a community consultation meeting in regards to new projects as without your input we would not have some of the best parks and playgrounds in the City. We have built new facilities and saved old ones from closing their doors by working together. See what we've accomplished below and learn more about ongoing projects as well.

Ongoing Projects


Amos Waites Park

Community consultation took place in fall of 2013. Phase 1 was completed in 2014 and features a brand new nautical themed playground that is now open for public enjoyment.

New washrooms and a brand new splash pad will be installed during Phase 2 of construction. The project is expected to be completed in Summer of 2016 pending any weather related delays.

Colonel Samuel Smith Park Wetland Lookout

City of Toronto Parks, Forestry & Recreation has prepared an improved design for a more durable lookout structure, which will provide an enhanced viewing experience for park visitors, and is ultimately designed as an outdoor classroom. The new lookout will significantly improve opportunities for education through school programs and community events such as the annual Spring Bird Festival. 

Demolition of the old structure was completed in December 2014, and construction of the new lookout structure is anticipated to be complete by early spring 2015.

 For more information, please contact 311 or  greentoronto@toronto.ca .

For more information, please contact 311 or greentoronto@toronto.ca.

Completed Projects

Mimico Linear Park

Waterfront Toronto, in partnership with Toronto and Region Conservation, opened the first 600 metre (Phase One) western portion of the park in 2008. The final 500 metres of linear park (Phase Two) provides the missing link in the city’s waterfront trail and enables Torontonians to enjoy the lakefront west of Humber Bay Park West for the first time. The second and final phase was completed and opened to the public in October 2012.

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Laburnham Park

Laburnham Park went through community consultation in fall of 2013 with a budget of $147,000. The project was completed at the end of June 2014 and the community was presented with a brand new playground. 




Birch Park

Birch Park went through community consultation in fall of 2013 and had a budget of $175,000. The project was completed at the end of July 2014 and the community was presented with a brand new playground.





Prince of Wales Park

Prince of Wales Park went through community consultation in winter of 2012 and had a budget of $280,170. The project was completed at the beginning of July 2013 and featured a brand new playground and improvements to the wading pool and splash pad area.






Rotary Peace Park


Rotary Peace Park's new playground was built as a result of efforts by City staff, community funds and donations secured by "Friends of Rotary Peace Park." The costs of the new playground totalled $179,000 and was completed in July of 2014.




Marie Curtis Park

The revitalization of Marie Curtis Park took place over three phases. Community consultation was conducted in 2010 and the final project seamlessly merged modern desire with the existing natural aesthetic of the park. Phase 1 took place from 2010-2011 and involved the creation of beach volley ball, off leash dog park and beach board walk. During Phase 1 a new playground was constructed, the water play area and the north concession as well as the washroom were refurbished. 

Phases 2 and 3 involved many improvements to the park's infrastructure. Phase 1 alone had a budget of $1.2 million and the entire project was a result of the City and Toronto Regional and Conservation Authority (TRCA) working together. 

Colonel Samuel Smith Off-Leash Dog Park

Long Branch Cenotaph 

Colonel Samuel Smith Skating Trail and Powerhouse

Franklin Horner Community Centre

Vincent Massey Childcare Centre

Mastercard Centre

James S. Bell Junior Middle School and Health and Wellness Academy 

Lakeshore Collegiate and Lakeshore Lions Arena