Lakeshore Cycle Track Statement from City Staff

The Lake Shore Cycle Track is now open - April 12, 2018.

Update - April 10, 2018 

The Manager for Cycling Infrastructure attended the site and confirmed that all signs have been removed, with the exception of the signs for the active work zone at the transit platform, just west of Royal York.

Construction staff advised that the contractor will be completed this work tomorrow afternoon and the cycling facility will be fully open following completion of their work.


On Friday, I announced in my weekly eNews that the Cycle Track between First Street and Norris Crescent was opened, after receiving confirmation from the Project Manager. Many residents reached out to me over the weekend to state that the Cycle Track remains closed. I was extremely disappointed to hear this, and I immediately followed up with City staff for clarification - as it was also reported as open on the project website.

Here is the response provided to me this afternoon by the Manager of City of Toronto Cycling Infrastructure:

While we expected the work to be completed over the weekend, the information on the project web page indicating that the cycling facility was open should not have been updated until we had confirmation that all work was completed.

In addition, we were advised today that the contractor is now completing corrections to some safety and accessibility issues . The remedial work is currently happening on-site and [construction] staff will provide us details of exactly when the facility will be able to open, at which time we will provide an update to you and all stakeholders. We apologize for this inconvenience and we look forward to opening the new facility shortly.