TTC Open House Presentation Materials - January 18, 2018


PDF Presentation - TTC Open House January 18, 2018

Thanks to all residents who attended my TTC Open House meeting on Thursday January 18, 2018. We received valuable feedback regarding the proposed improvements to the 66B Bus as well as the proposed Mimico GO shuttle bus. 

For any residents unable to attend, the presentation materials are available for review below. Kindly send any feedback by email to cc: with the subject 'TTC Open House Feedback'.

Responses will be accepted until Friday January 26, 2018 at 5 p.m.

TTC/GO Co-Fare Policy - Would riders be required to pay a second TTC fare at Union Station?

In light of the TTC/GO co-fare* announced for PRESTO users, riders who would use the proposed shuttle to access Mimico GO would not be required to pay again upon reentering the TTC system at Union Station.

In addition, a customer on the existing 76 Royal York South bus can tap on the bus, transfer to Mimico GO Station, get to Union and can transfer to the subway with the original TTC fare. At the moment, customers should grab a paper transfer from the bus driver and do the second transfer to the subway with a paper transfer to prevent a second fare from being deducted from their Presto card.

This is known as the ‘TTC Times Two’ policy -

*The TTC/GO Co-fare is estimated to be implemented in August 2018. When that occurs, customers will no longer be required to get a paper transfer to complete the below journey. They will simply tap when they arrive at Union and it will be considered a transfer (no fare will be deducted).