Humber Bay Shores Trail Improvement Update - August 2017



August 4th - Crane Activities

On Friday August 4th a crane will be arriving at the Palace Pier construction site at the bottom of Palace Pier Court to remove old signage.

The work is anticipated to occur sometime between 11:00 am and 4:30 pm.  The work is not anticipated to minimally impact the access into/from Palace Place driveway entering and existing from Palace Pier court.

All works will be supervised by the contractor. The contractor will do everything possible to minimize these disruptions for the duration of these activities as they are keenly aware that this is the primary entrance to the Palace Place Condominium and that there is frequent vehicular circulation in/out and shuttle bus service that uses this entrance.

August 8th -  Closure of North Detour Route

Currently there are 2 detour routes around the construction at Palace Pier Court.  Starting Tuesday August 8th the north detour route along the Palace Place fence-line will need to be closed to allow for pavement demolitions and reconstruction work in this area. The detour route around the south side of the site will remain open to ensure safe public access is maintained.


Ongoing site activities at Palace Pier Court and Humber Bay Park include:

-       Site layout and grading – trails, walkways, walls, plaza area

-       Signage relocation – with Crane (at Palace Pier Court only)

-       Foundations and formwork

-       Concrete pouring for new pavements

-       Armour stone delivery and placement (at Humber Bay Park only)

As the warm weather approaches, safety on the Waterfront Trail is more important than ever. I continue to work with 22 Division Toronto Police, residents' associations, City Parks staff and local residents to address concerns regarding speeding cyclists along the trail.

Beginning May 29, 2017, a contractor has been deployed on-site to begin work on the Humber Bay Shores Trail Improvement Project.

The Trail Improvements will occur in two distinct phases:

Phase 1 – Spring/Summer 2017

Paving, Planting, Seating and circulation improvements at two key trail intersection/plaza areas:

1.     Palace Pier Court

2.     Humber Bay Park East Entrance – East Side

Phase 2 – Fall 2017 / Spring 2018

Paving, Planting, Seating and circulation improvements between the two trail intersection/plaza areas completed in Phase 1.

Improvements will include but not be limited to:


o    Demolition of existing plaza area and trail paving

o    Removal of some naturalized plantings

o    Tree removals: 20 -25 at each plaza area (Palace Pier Court and the Humber Bay park Entrance) Important Note: New tree plantings will replace tree removals when project is completed.

Trail Improvements:

o    Realignment and regrading of pathways to improve safety and address trail use

o    Improved 3m wide heavy duty asphalt Multi-use Trail

o    Improved 1.2m paved buffer zone between the Multi-use Trail and new Pedestrian Trail

o    New 2.5m Pedestrian Only Pathway

 Other Improvements:

o    New bench seating

o    Relocated "Bursa" sculpture

o    New seating walls to define the plaza areas and allow for improved grading through the plaza areas

o    New Planting: Trees and shrubs as well as new naturalized areas

o    Regulatory signage and pavement markings



Phase 1 work is scheduled to commence at the end of May and completed in July, weather permitting.

Detour Routes:

Since this work is planned throughout the park and will impact the existing park uses and trail circulation, detour routes around the construction areas have been established.  The contractor will maintain safe access around the two areas at all times.

Public Notification:

Public notification of work is being provided in the following manner:

·         Signs are being provided to the contractor and posted on site including; construction signage, detour signage and trail etiquette signage.

·         311 and PFR websites have been updated

·         Cycling Infrastructure web-page will be updated

Project Contact:

Questions or concerns:

Lori Ellis, Senior Project Coordinator, Landscape Architect

Parks Development and Capital Projects