City Council Motions: Flood Remediation, Waterfront Transit Reset, Pedestrian Crossings

Protecting Our Shorelines From Flood Damage

With the recent increase in water levels and flooding, it's important the City informs residents and takes a coordinated approach to planning for the future.

Today in Council, I moved a motion calling for information to immediate repair and assessment of flood-related damages in Ward 6, creation of a contact list for residents in case of flood based-emergency and a plan for future preventative measures. I am pleased to say that this motion was supported unanimously by my Council colleagues, and you can read more about it here:

You can also see the article about it in the Toronto Sun here.

Support For Advancing The Waterfront Transit Reset

Last week,  

City Council supported moving forward with the Relief Line as another step in improving our transit network to serve residents. During the discussion of this important initiative, I questioned both the Deputy City Manager John Livey and TTC CEO Andy Byford regarding the importance of advancing the Waterfront Transit Reset and also prioritizing the needs of Etobicoke !

You can see my speech in Council here.

Pedestrian Crossing on Royal York Road

The safety of pedestrians, especially school children and seniors, crossing Royal York Road is extremely important. During Etobicoke York Community Council, I moved a motion asking staff report back to Etobicoke York Community Council on the feasibility of using of the new style Pedestrian Crossover (PXO) on Royal York Road in the areas between Hillside Avenue and Symons Street, and Melrose Street and Simpson Avenue.

You can read the motion here.

Pedestrian Crossing on Marine Parade Drive

Last week in City Council, I moved a motion asking Transportation to study the installation of a pedestrian crossing on Marine Parade Drive. This area is frequented by residents and those enjoying waterfront views. Allowing pedestrians to safely cross along this street is an extremely important consideration. I am pleased to confirm that my motion was supported by Council, and you can read more about it here.