Have Your Say: Proposed Stormwater Charge

Overview of the proposal:
Currently, stormwater management is being paid for from the water rate, which means the amount homeowners pay for stormwater management is based on how much water they use. The proposal is to remove the portion that homeowners currently pay for stormwater management (currently embedded in the water rate), and show it as a separate charge on the water bill. The water rate would decrease and the stormwater charge would be added. The amount paid for stormwater would be based on property size and the average amount of hard space on properties of a similar size.
More information is available at toronto.ca/stormwatercharge including:

  • Full details and information about the proposed stormwater charge
  • An online survey to allow for public feedback
  • Examples of how the proposed stormwater charge could impact water bills
  • A full list of the categories and tiers for the proposed stormwater charge
  • A full listing of the public consultation dates and locations

Public Meeting Details

Thursday, March 23

6-9 p.m.

Etobicoke Civic Centre, Chamber

399 The West Mall