Humber Bay Shores Transportation Actions - 2016

October 2009

Many residents raised concerns about the need to make an express bus service in Humber Bay Shores a reality. After extensive communication with the TTC, the 145 Humber Bay Express bus was introduced in 2009.

TTC route information

TTC report (2010)

In 2010, after the TTC cited low ridership, I worked with a dedicate group of residents to ensure that the route remained in operation.


June 2012

Councillor Grimes wrote to the Public Works & Infrastructure Committee regarding the need for infrastructure improvements to address congestion in Humber Bay Shores and Mystic Pointe.

Recommendations included:

1.         City Council request the City Manager to establish and fix a date for the commencement and the completion of the capital project to extend Legion Road.

2.         City Council request the City Manager to establish and fix a date within the reasonable future for the commencement and completion of the widening of Lake Shore Boulevard West from the Gardiner Expressway on ramp to the Humber River.

3.         City Council direct the City Manager in conjunction with the Chief General Manager, Toronto Transit Commission to establish and fix a date within the reasonable future for the commencement and completion of the street car loop at Park lawn and Lake Shore Boulevard West.

4.         City Council request the City Manager to ensure that these projects are carried out concurrently to ensure minimal disruption to the roadways and the residents.



November 2012

Councillor Grimes wrote to Members of Etobicoke York Community Council regarding the need for a Transportation Master Plan for Park Lawn Road and Lake Shore Blvd. West (Christie Site)


1.        City Council direct the General Manager, Transportation Services, in consultation with the Chief Planner and Executive Director, City Planning, report to the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee in early 2013 on the scope, timing, costs and any other implications of undertaking a Comprehensive Transportation Master Plan for the Park Lawn Road and Lake Shore Boulevard West area, which would take into consideration the traffic implications of potential development in this area.

March 2015

Motion 11

Councillor Grimes asked TTC to examine relocating the current TTC Humber Loop to Park Lawn Road and Lake Shore Boulevard West (item 156)


Petition Link

September 2015

Shoreline Motion
    ·     Request for the City of Toronto and the Toronto Transit Commission to provide improved transit for the City of Toronto's western waterfront

·      Asked for dedicated right-of-way between St. Joseph Hospital and Exhibition Place

·         Suggested relocation of Humber Loop

Safety on the Waterfront Trail Motion

Councillor Grimes wrote to Etobicoke York Community Council regarding the need for improved safety on the Waterfront Trail

Councillor Grimes requested a Transportation Master Plan be undertaken for the Park Lawn and Lake Shore area, to address the transportation issues of congestion and take into account the traffic implications that have arisen from all of the condo developments in the area. Please note, none of the condos on Park Lawn were approved by the City. Councillor Grimes voted to keep all of that land zoned for employment uses, and the City defended that position at the Ontario Municipal Board, but Councillor Grimes and the City of Toronto were overruled by the Province and the condos were permitted. So the City is now left scrambling to deal with that new density.

You can read about the Transportation Master Plan here.


December 2015

Councillor Grimes moved a motion asking for right-turns to be restricted off the Gardiner at Park Lawn. You can read about the decision here.


January 2016

Councillor Grimes wrote to Mayor Tory to ask that Ward 6 be included to the list of Traffic "Hot Spots" across the city. You can also read that here.

Traffic assistance personnel are now on-site as a result, which you can read more about here.


March 2016

Close the Gap on Waterfront Trail Maintenance Motion

Councillor Grimes moved a motion to 'Close the Gap' on Waterfront Trail Maintenance which includes:

·   Installation of an eastbound contra-flow bicycle lane on Waterfront Drive, from Marine Parade Drive to Palace Pier Court

·   City Council approve the installation of a bi-directional cycle track on the south side of Lake Shore Boulevard West, from Norris Crescent to First Street

·   Close the gap on winter maintenance performed by Transportation Services staff along the Waterfront Trail by extending the maintenance area further west to the border of Mississauga, including 4.5 km of additional trail from Park Lawn Road to Norris Crescent through Mimico Linear Park, through Colonel Samuel Smith Park and through Marie Curtis Park 

Councillor Grimes and Councillor Di Ciano wrote a letter to Metrolinx to emphasize the need for a GO stop at Park Lawn



April 2016

Councillor Grimes has also recently moved a motion, which was unanimously passed, asking the TTC to examine the feasibility of a peak-period, morning rush hour transit-only lane to help the transit routes in the area operate more quickly and reliably. You can read about it here.


May 2016

Waterfront Toronto held a public consultation for the Waterfront Transit Reset, which is a large-scale project designed to connect Toronto's waterfront with improved transit from east to west. Part of this goal is to encourage people to leave their cars at home, and choose public transit instead. It is also to provide much-needed transportation alternatives, especially for Etobicoke-Lakeshore (including relocating Humber Loop, which Councillor Grimes called for). You can read the article about it here.

After receiving comments from residents regarding the 145 Humber Schedule, Councillor Grimes arranged to meet with TTC CEO Andy Byford to discuss the issues. You can read that statement here.

Councillor Grimes rode the 145 Bus with TTC Andy Byford and the TTC are currently examining all routes in the area, you can read more here.

June 2016

Beginning June 13, 2016 traffic assistance personnel will be on-site at Park Lawn and Lake Shore, in addition to seven other high-volume intersections across the city. This is a pilot project that will take place during four weeks in the summer and four weeks in the fall.Traffic assistant personnel will improve the flow of traffic by directing traffic, making sure vehicles don’t block intersections, and stopping illegal left turns.


After a report released by Metrolinx stated that Park Lawn GO would not be included in its 10-year plan, Councillor Grimes, MP James Maloney, Councillor Justin Di Ciano and MPP Peter Milczyn wrote to the Metrolinx Board of Directors to ask for reconsideration and a deferral of decision.