Petition for a New GO Stop at Park Lawn

Metrolinx, an agency of the Government of Ontario, recently announced that Park Lawn is being considered as a location for a potential new GO station on the Lakeshore West line.

Councillor DiCiano of Ward 5 and I led City Council to an official endorsement of this new GO stop and now we have started a petition to spread the word and let Metrolinx and the Provincial Government that we need to make a Park Lawn GO stop a priority and a reality!

The City of Toronto and the GTA have been experiencing a period of intense residential growth and there has never been a more critical demand for better transit infrastructure than right now. By the time construction of residential developments in the Park Lawn and Lake Shore Blvd. W area are complete, there will be approximately 28,000 residents living within a few square kilometres. Much of this density was approved at the Provincial level by the Ontario Municipal Board, with no consideration of the pressures this would place on our municipal infrastructure.

I think we can all agreed that public transit service is in Etobicoke-Lakeshore is inadequate, unreliable, and often inaccessible to many users. I regularly receive complaints that parking at existing Etobicoke-Lakeshore GO stops is insufficient. Right now residents are travelling from all over Etobicoke-Lakeshore to access the Kipling, Long Branch and Mimico stations. Traffic congestion is already at an all-time high and we anticipate it will continue to deteriorate over the next few years, but we cannot expect people to leave their cars at home if we do not provide reliable public transit options close to home.

We need a new GO stop at Park Lawn, in addition to the Mimico GO, to provide thousands of residents the ability to get out of their cars and get where they need to go quickly, while at the same time helping to take the pressure off our already over-burdened infrastructure.SIGN