Improvements to the 66B Prince Edward Bus

In April 2016, I asked the TTC to examine allowing the 66B Prince Edward route to travel both ways along Marine Parade Dr. to improve service reliability. 

TTC have approved the following routing change (Change 2 in the diagram below):

Buses will operate in both directions on Marine Parade Drive between Park Lawn Drive and Waterfront Drive, and  loop clockwise on Marine Parade Drive, Lake Shore Boulevard, Palace Pier Court and Waterfront Drive, before travelling westbound on Marine Parade Drive and Park Lawn Drive to Old Mill Station. 

This change would improve service reliability to the route by avoiding congestion on eastbound Lake Shore Boulevard between Park Lawn Road and Marine Parade Drive (east branch). 

When will this change occur?

This route improvement is scheduled to occur in March 2017. Detailed design work is still underway to ensure that the route functions adequately within the existing street conditions.