ATTN: Residents of 27th Street!

Dear Neighbours,

As I'm sure many of you in the Long Branch community are aware, there has been problematic work on a development located at 2 Twenty Seventh Street that has resulted in the destruction of several trees and has put a neighbouring home at risk.

Forestry has issued a stop-work order and construction has been put on hiatus until further notice. The site was made safe by Forestry staff. I attended the site myself this morning to ensure that the order was being honoured and to see the damage for myself.

I ask that if you have any videos or pictures of the scene (leading up the destruction of the trees, during or after) that you please forward them to the Manager of Tree Protection and Plan Review, Forestry Operations, Arthur Beauregard immediately to assist in their investigation.

Mr. Beauregard can be reached by telephone at: 416-392-0724 or email:

I thank every resident that had contacted my office to inform us of this incredibly unfortunate and frustrating situation. Your assistance is much appreciated.