Have Your Say: Park Name at 3600 Lake Shore


The brand new park at 3600 Lake Shore in Long Branch needs a name! The City and I are looking for your input to give this space a name that is unique and reflects the community. 

In 2015, the City of Toronto updated its policies for naming City properties, including parks. When naming new parks, the Parks, Forestry and Recreation division can shortlist up to five (5) names in consultation with the Ward Councillor. For this park, three (3) names have been shortlisted by Parks, Forestry and Recreation staff and Councillor Grimes.

Responses to this survey will be accepted until 5 p.m. on September 22, 2017.

Complete the survey today (link below) and help name our community's new park:

3600 Lake Shore Park Survey

New Parking Violation Dispute Process

Photo by nonnie192/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by nonnie192/iStock / Getty Images

Disputing a parking violation in Toronto is now faster, easier and more convenient with the City's new dispute process.

For parking violations issued on or after August 28, disputes will be handled by the City instead of through the court, resulting in a more efficient process and faster resolutions. You will be able to submit a dispute online, meaning the entire process can be completed without having to leave home. If you'd like an in-person review, you can book an appointment online or drop-in to a Screening Office for same-day service, depending on availability and the complexity of the case.

Not satisfied with the decision? You can request a second independent review which will be final. Payments for parking violations will still be easy to make online, in-person or by mail.

For more details and to watch an informative video on the new process, visit toronto.ca/aps.

Dog Owners' Association Members Needed - Humber Bay Park West & Marie Curtis Park

Dog Owners/Walkers & Interested Community Members:

The City of Toronto, Parks Forestry and Recreation Division is seeking two interested community members to form Dog Owners' Association to assist with dogs off-leash areas (DOLA) at Humber Bay Park West and Marie Curtis Park!

All City DOLAs are required to have a Dog Owners' Association (DOA). Associations are critical to the effective functioning of a DOLA by being the City's liaisons to the community. 

The role of a DOA member might include:

  • Asking Parks staff questions on behalf of community members
  • Providing information to other users on behalf of Parks staff
  • Helping members and staff improve the DOLA experience through conversations with Parks staff, and
  • Fostering a positive, lively dog owner community.

If you are interested on taking on this role, please submit your name, full mailing address, phone and e-mail to dola@toronto.ca.